Hello out there, I welcome everybody
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After leaving school and university I caught the research bug in 1993!

I've been fascinated by very small and very large scales. That's why I was involved in GALLEX, hunting the mysterious neutrinos, and why I've been involved in CADIS, investigating the development of galaxies during my PhD period. But now I tell you the second-best happened to me over the last 5 years: the bug left me ! (You also can have a look at the best event ;-) which I married on 2nd of october in 2000)! Since March 1999 I am working at industry in the field of IT and TK in Darmstadt, you know: with mobile telecommunication you are holding much more esthablished stuff in your hands;-))

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Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Fockenbrock
Diplom-Physiker & Astronom
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